Down Syndrome Association for Families
2018 Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk

October 6, 2018

Festivities start at 8:00 am

Walk starts at 9:30 am

Antelope Park (Near 30th & A St.)

Lincoln, Nebraska

Kylie's Krew - Captain: Ally Olson

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for joining us for another awesome year.

This year we have our goals set high! As this is out 7th year together, we want to break some records.

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Mandi, Terry or myself. We're always available and happy to talk about  the cause. We know that people near and far love Kylie. If you are from out of town please be sure to register as a virtual walker, so that your shirt is mailed to you. 

Thank you again for your continued support over the years.

Please follow our page on facebook "Kylie's Krew" to keep in the loop with our fundraising efforts.

- Your Team Captain, Ally

Team Goal

Team Registrants
Jessica Sutton
Terry Martinez
Vera Martinez
Tracey Ketchmark
Graciela Rodriguez
Jose Marquez
Doug Hawko
Jameson Elsey
Chris Murray
Rachel Taylor
Brielle Martinez
Lonnie Wisehart
Taylor Wilson
Amy Murray
Katie Cooper
Jon Egner
Calisha Martinez
Ayden Marquez
Dakota Hetrick
Tannija Johnson
Makayla Allen
Teresa Willmes
Kaydence P
Craig Davisson
Ivy Martinez
Emily Fauble
Tyler Sorenson
Marilyn Davisson
Kristi Groth
Michelle Quintero
Kennedy Hemphill
Brenda Kay
Sadie Nichols
Lori Nichols
Rhett Haden
Julissa Hansen
Jeffrey Olson
Mark Pick
Travis Haden
Melody Keup
Eric Nichols
Elsie Haden
Lisa Belden
London Marquez
Carolyn Plunk
Makiah Elsey
Alexus Osborn
Sheila Polanco
Stefanie Martin
Jose Rodriguez
Alison Olson
Taylor Heinzen
Bryson Hansen
Teena Davisson
Faith Wilson
Kade Lewis
Amanda Olson
Eva Martinez
Mike Amen
Stacie Marquez
Marley Allen
Briayana Stroughter
Benny Alamea
Diane Olson
vickie olson
Phil Whitecastle
Ryan Martinez
Lindsey Haden
Tammy Chisholm
Jon Lewis
Sheila Marquez
John Lewis
Joesph Snyder
Sarah Alamea
Kylie Martinez
Anson Haden
Annette LeGrande
Denise Hostetler
Susie Wilson
Emily Mullen
Anna Seckman
Sheri Elsey
Julian Salinas
Sarah Nichols
Zaavan Martinez
Terry B Martinez
Jose Marquez
Sam Schepp
Shelly Amen
Patricia Garcia
Amanda McIntosh
Francis Olson
Haizley Marquez
Brett Jenkins
Albany Elsey
Marci Wishart
Sofia Alamea
Mandi Martinez
Holly Hanson
Tibrusio Martinez
Troy Wilson
Emily Webster
Gemma Haden
Amy Rosenau
Amiya Allen
Zayana Martinez
Nicole Holen
Brandon McNeil
Nate Wells
Anthony Keever
Cristine Petet
Sonja Rodriguez
Chuy Rodriguez
Jolene Hinsley
Eliana Martinez
Michelle Lopez
Dan Miller
Walt Keever
Stacy Heinzen
Jae Alamea
Chad Miller
Jayson Poorman
Roberta Martinez
Elizabeth Webster
Marsha Wilson
LaTisha Marquez
Barry Allen
Beverly Polanco
Jayden Alamea Jenkins
Jackie Cooper-Allen
Shannon Ebel
Jerry Nichols
Therese Trehail
Erika Jacobo
Jackie Keever
Dan LeGrande
Julia Martinez
Team Donors
Megan Danielson
Ty's Outdoor Power
Jon and Grace Egner
The Hortons
Tyler Sorenson
The Groth's
Olson Family
Terry Sherrill
Ally Olson
Vickie O
Lisa, Denise, Emily & Anna
Lewis Family
Keith Miller
Terry B Martinez
Brett and Amanda McIntosh
Digestive Health Associates of Texas
Rodriguez Family
The Millers
Carol O
Natalie & Emmanuel Viel
The Roberts Family
Contact Us with Questions
Contact us with questions at or 402.421.1338.
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