Down Syndrome Association for Families
2018 Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk

October 6, 2018

Festivities start at 8:00 am

Walk starts at 9:30 am

Antelope Park (Near 30th & A St.)

Lincoln, Nebraska

Collin's Corps - Captain: Lauren Ashelford

Collin Jeffrey is about to turn 3 and will actually be walking this year (although we’re sure he will try to create his own path along the way)!!! Some of the things he’s been up to in the last year include: learning to walk, getting into EVERYTHING he can get his hands on, talking up a storm/learning lots of words, continuing to love his big sister, reading tons of books, and going to Kansas City for the first time (he loved Legoland!). His current favorite show is Mother Goose Club and all of us have every song memorized because we’ve watched each episode more than 100 times (maybe an over exaggeration) ;-) Collin continues to amaze us on a daily basis with the things he can do.  He is brave, strong, hilarious, sweet, naughty, incredibly loving, and just plain adorable.  We are so blessed to call him ours! The amazing support he has in our incredible families and wonderful friends is truly heart warming and we are forever grateful to all of you! Looking forward to a great walk with hopefully great weather! Thank you times a million!



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