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2017 Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk

Thank you for your support to the 2017 Capital City Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk.

See you next year on October 6, 2018 when we Step Up again.


Lily's Love Bugs - Captain: Tracy Kadavy

This will be Lily's fourth Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk. We missed the first one because she was just released from the NICU on heart monitors and oxygen. Lily has came along way since that first year of life when she was medically fragile. Without the support and resources from the other members of the DSAF, I am not sure how we would have made it through our first year and beyond. 

Fast foward four years and nothing slows Lily down! She can walk now and climb on playground equipment and speech has also blossomed. This will be her second year of preschool and she will absolutely love every minute. Lily knows her shapes and colors and recently mastered identifying the alphabet. I am sure she will be spelling out every poster we see on the walk! Lily is so motivated to learn and she makes friends where ever she goes. Her favorite hobbies are swimming and playing with her dolls. 


We are so blessed to have Lily in our lives and the joy she brings to everyone she meets is truly heartwarming and inspiring. 

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