Down Syndrome Association for Families
2017 Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk

Thank you for your support to the 2017 Capital City Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk.

See you next year on October 6, 2018 when we Step Up again.


Libby's Legion - Captain: Nikki Hobelman

This year will be our first year doing the Step Up for Down Syndrome walk.  We are looking forward to meeting new friends and enjoying the day together as a family.  We are very excited to have as many of our friends and family join us possible! If you are unable to walk, please consider donating to a great organization.  Thank you to everyone for the love and support!! 

The DSAF of NE appreciates your support and donations!  Thank you!


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Team Goal

Team Registrants
Ryan Hobelman
Nicole Hobelman
Trent Harris
Joshua Languis
Samantha Hobelman
Paige Myint
Libby Hobelman
Mathea Generally
Chris Leishman
Amber Generally
Doug Sindelar
Kadrin Greenwood
Stephanie Hobelman
Quinton Languis
Jocie Hobelman
Carleigh Harris
Jamie Harris
Dee Ann Frerichs
Alexis Hobelman
Chris Generally
Kenzie Harris
Jamie Leishman
Hayden Languis
Piper Myint
Caleb Leishman
Keagan Generally
Monte Hobelman
Donna Skow
Team Donors
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