Down Syndrome Association for Families
2017 Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk

Thank you for your support to the 2017 Capital City Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk.

See you next year on October 6, 2018 when we Step Up again.


Kylie's Krew - Captain: Ally Olson

Welcome & Thank you for joining Kylie's Krew!

This is our sixth year together as a team. Last year, together we raised $1,005 and had 132 team members! 

Our goals this year are to have 150 team members and $1,250 in donations to the DSAF!

I know that people both near and far love and support both Kylie and her family. If you are from out of town and are not sure if you can make it to the walk please register as a Virtual Walker. DSAF will mail you your shirt as a courtesy in supporting their cause.  

Please share our page with your friends and family. You can also "Like" Kylie's Krew on Facebook! We will update the Facebook page as our fundraising progresses and keep you up to date on all the important information!

You can "Like" us at

Thank you so much for your continuing support!

See you in October!


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Team Goal

Team Registrants
Mike Sam
JJ Nichols
Shelly Amen
Sophia Nichols
Katie Cooper
Julia Martinez
Roslyn Andersen
Lonnie Wisehart
Jose Marquez
Ayden Marquez
LeGrande Excavating
Carolyn Plunk
Kristin Petersen
Kyle Nichols
Michelle Lopez
Zayanna Marci
LaTisha Marquez
Ryan Martinez
Makiah Elsey
Sadie Nichols
Jose Rodriguez
Marilyn Davisson
Rebekah Murray
Calisha Martinez
Amanda Olson
Lori Nichols
Mandi Martinez
Sarah Nichols
Thomas Plunk
Eric Magee
Dave Seevers
Jeff Olson
Chaney Murray
Ashley Melvin
Graciela Rodriguez
Travis Buskirk
Brianna Allen
Jae Alamea
Elliana Murray
Tyler Kuhlman
Zachary Avina
Moises Lazalde
Rona Garrard
Tammie Williamson
Brianna Serrano
Barry Allen
Eliana Matinez
Gail Dasanq
tannija johnson
Kylie Martinez
Julissa Hansen
Jayden Melvin
Sheila Polanco
Luke Murray
vickie olson
Zaavan Martinez
Tibursio Martinez
Roberta Martinez
Phillip Kutho
Eric Nichols
Beverly Polanco
Chad Miller
Sarah Holley
Marcos Cordova
Craig Davisson
Sheri Elsey
Sonja Rodriguez
Terry Martinez
Fran Egner
Jayden Jenkins
Jayson Poorman
Nicole Richter
Christopher Murray
Sam Holley
Haizley Marquez
Stacy Heinzen
Tyler Sorenson
Sara Holder
Amiya Allen
Amy Murray
Taylor Wilson
LeGrande Excavating
Caleb Murray
MaKayla Marquez
Therese Trenhaile
Walt Keevers
Jackie Cooper
Zayana Martinez
Nate Wells
Jackie Keevers
Leah Pawlowski
Terry B Martinez
Jerry Nichols
Marsha Wilson
Terri Andersen
Jose Marquez
Dan LeGrande
TinaMarie Lazalde
Mike Amen
Taylor Heinzen
Melody Keup
Gabriela Avina
Marley Allen
Brett Jenkins
Troy Wilson
Savannah Martinez
Samantha Province
Jennifer Nowicki
Sarah Alamea
Tuesday Kuhlman
John Lewis
Alexus Osborn
Dan LeGrande
Kristi Groth
Sheila Marquez
Albany Elsey
Doug Hawco
Alison Olson
Bryson Hansen
Jon Lewis
Patricia Garcia
Bryan Vinyl
Faith Wilson
Trevor Melvin
Lindsey Mattox
Teresa Willmes
Teena Davisson
Holly Walter
Vera Martinez
Team Donors
Mary Lou & John Green
Amanda Olson
Tammie Williamson
Vickie Olson
David Dawson
Miller Family
Terry Sherrill
Haley Ayers
Sydna Cooper
Kirstie Horton
Nick Bumgardner
Kristi Groth
Katie Cooper
Ally Olson
Lewis Family
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