Down Syndrome Association for Families
2018 Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk

October 6, 2018

Festivities start at 8:00 am

Walk starts at 9:30 am

Antelope Park (Near 30th & A St.)

Lincoln, Nebraska

The Macinators - Captain: Amanda Willson

Macie Mae is 2 years old! This will be our second annual walk for the Capital City Step Up For Down Syndrome Walk.


Macie was born November, 2015. She is very smart and learns very quickly. She walks (and loves it!) eats almost anything, LOVES being outside and has finally added a couple more words to her list of things she can say!


We’d love your support for Macie Mae and the Down Syndrome Association for Families (DSAF).  They are a great support system and we would love to give back to them.

The Down Syndrome for Families of Nebraska appreciates your support and donations!  Thank you!

My Registrants
Peggy Willson
Sierra White
Madison McCoy
Matthew Richardson
Chelsea Willson
Harper Dunovan
Kristie Locke
Thad Peterson
Harrison Joyce
Anthony Willson
Stacey VanBoening
Cortney Chapin
Rennie Hansen
Jason Chapin
Adam Willson
David Watermeier
Kiara Brown
Caedyn Petersen
Mark Willson
Laura McCoy
Kayla Detton
Alex Willson
Jayden Bacon
JD Brown
Peggy Jones
Ashlee Bacon
Marcus Newby
Chandell Brown
Sophia Newby
DON Nichols
Jeremy Kohlman
Patsy Chapin
Cindy Paul
Emily Locke
tyrone shaw
Owen Petersen
Samerah White
Fayeliegh Hunter
Andy Joyce
Ashley Peterson
Sydney Joyce
Rylee Willson
Annie Brown
Lexus Erickson
Kobe Chapin
Julian Brown
Bobbie Hunter
Stephanie Wood
Lori Willson
Misty Sinsel
Theresa Wood
Spencer White
Nathan Willson
Taiven Nguyen
Keara Hunter
Paislee Erickson
James Erickson
Torryn Nguyen
John Wood
Tiondre Nguyen
Bentlee Petersen
M’ Baku White
April Bacon
Elijah Newby
Amy Bivona
Tyler White
Barb Chmelka
Ailondra Nguyen
Alexandra Schutte
Heather Dworak
Rod Altwine
Joe Bacon
Merissa Petersen
Angela Willson
Erica Hamilton
Brandon Lynch
Reggie Petersen
McKynze Works
Amanda Willson
Harlee Maguire
Wendie Altwine
Kenzie Chapin
Jessica Willson
Macie White
Team Donors
Stacey VanBoening
Terry Poppe
David Watermeier
Heidi Hayes
Morrow Poppe Law Firm
Bryan Maternal & Fetal Care
Peggy Jones
Ashlie Mieth
Patrice Gaines
Barb Chmelka
Raquel Edmunds
The Froeschls
Michael Morrow
Jessica Willson
Team Goal

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