Down Syndrome Association for Families
2017 Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk

October 7, 2017
Festivities start at 8:00 am
Walk starts at 9:30 am

Antelope Park (Near 30th & A St.)
Lincoln, Nebraska


Team Elissa - Captain: DEan Fuelberth
Elissa is a very active Senior in High School this year!  She participates in Choir, Unified Bowling, Girls Scouts, Church Yourth Group, and DSAF events.  Elissa is so thankful for all her great friends and family.  Thanks for joining our team and see you at the Walk!
Team Registrants
Greta Gessert
Christy Champoux
Janet Sievert
Kristina Dux
Todd Fuelberth
Katie Wiles
Victoria H
Jackie Mattingly
Elissa Fuelberth
DEan Fuelberth
Selena Fuelberth
Rhonda Fuelberth
Kristina Dux
Hayden Fuelberth
Patti Seitz
Milissa Wiles
Darrel Fuelberth
Ethel ONeal
Everett Wiles
Thomas Dux
Carrie Weber
Paul Wiles
Hanna Mattingly
Brandi Benson
Nancy Fuelberth
Thomas Dux
Courtney Tschudin
Karen Dux
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