Down Syndrome Association for Families
2017 Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk

October 7, 2017
Festivities start at 8:00 am
Walk starts at 9:30 am

Antelope Park (Near 30th & A St.)
Lincoln, Nebraska


Samuel's Posse - Captain: Angela Schreiner


Sam was born on June 24, 2008. Shortly after his birth our doctor informed us he believed Sam had Down Syndrome. This came as a complete shock and presented feelings of fear and anxiety. A few days after his birth he was transported by ambulance to Children’s Hospital in Omaha where he spent two weeks and had 1/3 of his colon removed due to Hirschsprung’s Disease. While at Children's the diagnosis of Down Syndrome was confirmed.

His nine short years have been met with many hospital trips and several illnesses. In September of 2011, Sam was taken to the ER in Lincoln and immediately flown to Children’s by helicopter where he spent a week and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. In December of 2012, Sam was also diagnosed with Celiac Disease and is now enjoying a gluten free life. In 2014 Sam was diagnosed with Mega Colon with led to a completely non-functioning colon in October of 2016. He now has a Chait Cecostomy, a port in his side that is flushed every night.

Sam is a blessing in our lives. He loves music, golf , ping pong, basketball and playing with his brothers. Sam has had an exciting year in 2nd grade and can't wait to go into 3rd grade this fall. 

Together, with Sam, we ask you to join the cause for creating awareness for Down Syndrome and helping show he can do anything he sets his mind to.

Please join us in making a donation to Samuel's Posse!


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Team Donors
Johnny  Welter
Blake Nelson
Vicki Lewis
Julie Hill
John  Welter
Cherie Welter
Jack and Jeanine Blevins
David Tagart
Sharon Dickinson
Jack Northrup
Andrea Woita
Brandon  Green
Rick Schreiner
Karrie Simmons
Dawn Ashton
Rebecca  Stanosheck
Guillermo  Macias
The Bohannons
Dena Noe
Anna Fenton
The Novotny Family
Randy Schreiner
Aaron Petersen
Josie Atkins
Janet  Morton
Car Granpa
Team Registrants
Josiah Cobb
Elliot Johnson
Jeffrey Schreiner
Haleigh Carr
Liam Bohannon
Aaron Schreiner
Tiffiny Bohannon
Finn Bohannon
Mandy  Carr
Chris  Vik
Andrea Woita
Janet  Johnson
Vicki Lewis
Rick Schreiner
Aubrey Cobb
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Noah Schreiner
Samuel Schreiner
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