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2017 Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk

Thank you for your support to the 2017 Capital City Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk.

See you next year on October 6, 2018 when we Step Up again.


Joshua's Miracles - Captain: Jenny Brinkmeyer

*** UPDATE 9/2/17***

We've hit goal #1! Yay! Thank you for all your generous donations!

Don't forget Goal #2: 20 walkers! We are half way to that goal and we have a few weeks to get there. If you can't be present on the day of the walk, you can sign up as a virtual walker and be there in spirit! Your shirt will be mailed to you and you can wear it and spread the news where ever you are. Deadline for a shirt is September 14!


Can you believe it? Joshua is 9 years old!! He is in 4th grade this year at Milford Elementary. He's still pretty stubborn with the talking, among other things, but he is learning lots of sign language. He is familiar with over 200 signs. The rest of us aren't doing as well and there's where his stubborn streak shines thru. When grandma Jane asks him to show her how to sign something, he puts his hand to his head and shakes it in disgust.

Joshua is a very active boy who loves to run around the yard with his brother and sisters. He also loves to play with his Thomas the Tank Engine train set.

This year we have set the goal of earning a poster with Joshua's picture on it. Would you consider helping us reach this goal of raising $250 for the Down Syndrome Association and getting Joshua a poster on the walk route? Joshua will be thrilled to have your help!!

Thank you for stopping by and for helping us and the DSAF reach our goals!


More about walk day...

Festivities include:Free food, face & hair painting, raffles, The String Beans, The Cheer Squad, Stars Bios (check this out and look for Joshua!), and more!

The walk is 1 mile long. We start in Antelope park and walk around the Lincoln Children's Zoo. The walking route is lined with Fact Posters, sharing lots of facts about Down Syndrome and featuring local individuals with Down Syndrome. If we reach our donation goal, one poster will have Joshua's picture and we will get to bring this poster home after the walk!

The festivities start at 8 a.m. We will take a team picture at 9:15 and the walk starts at 9:30.


Oops! I forgot to mention deadlines!

We must earn our $250 goal by Sept. 2nd to get a poster!

Sept 14 is the deadline to get a T-shirt with your registration for the walk. Note: you can register to walk with us anytime up to the day of the walk. Registrations by Sept. 14 will get a shirt with Joshua's Miracles printed on the back. 

Team Goal

Team Registrants
Ava Maple
Daylon Salyer
Joshua Brinkmeyer
Kimmie Brehe
Abigail Brinkmeyer
Jared Nunnenkamp
Avery Carter
Tammy Salyer
Macie Carter
Clara Maple
Micah Brinkmeyer
Jane Brehe
Jenny Brinkmeyer
Kayson Salyer
David Brinkmeyer
Carrie Maple
Chloe Brinkmeyer
Janelle Kremer
Emma Maple
Micky Brehe
Justin Salyer
Team Donors
Lindsey Sample
Bobbie Bierman
Nicole Chiles
Leslie Toovey
Laura Matson
Janelle Kremer
Kelly Ekeler
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