Down Syndrome Association for Families
2018 Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk

October 6, 2018

Festivities start at 8:00 am

Walk starts at 9:30 am

Antelope Park (Near 30th & A St.)

Lincoln, Nebraska

Joshua's Miracles - Captain: Jenny Brinkmeyer

Joshua’s Story

Joshua has had an amazing year at Milford. He turned ten in March and is enjoying many activities. He started playing band as a percussionist, he has learned many new signs, and is starting midweek at St.John's.

At the beginning of his fifth grade year Joshua got to try every instrument in the band until he found what he wanted to do. Since no other instrument yielded to make a noise for him, he has started playing percussion which includes many kinds of drums, the xylophone, the triangle, and pretty much everything you hit with something to make sound. He seems to enjoy his time in band and I hope he can continue with it.

Also at school he has learned many signs so he can tell us lots of things now. Like every morning he will tell me “Dad’s at work” through signs. He continues to learn and use more signs as his primary form of communication. He seems to have taken right to signing and I see him use it as an everyday part of his life. He is very good as it and I hope he may start to help me learn more.

Finally, every Wednesday after school he goes to midweek classes at church with his brother Micah and learns more about what is in the bible. He seems to like Sunday school and this isn’t much different. He will learn more in his faith and build understanding so he may get confirmed when he is in eighth grade. He will learn much and I hope he can understand the importance of the stories he will learn.

Joshua is our happy little boy.

-Abigail Brinkmeyer (Joshua's big sister)


Walk time is quickly approaching!!! We have fallen behind in our promoting, so please, if you want to join us, sign up quickly!!

T-shirt deadline is SEPTEMBER 13!!

The Brinkmeyer family & the Down Syndrome Association for Families of Nebraska appreciates your support and donations!  Thank you!

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