Down Syndrome Association for Families
2018 Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk

October 6, 2018

Festivities start at 8:00 am

Walk starts at 9:30 am

Antelope Park (Near 30th & A St.)

Lincoln, Nebraska

Anna's Angels - Captain: Barrett Tina

11 years ago, we prepared for our first walk, not knowing if Anna would be out of the hospital from her second open heart surgery in 4 months.  She made it out with days to spare for us to gather around her to show our support.  Over the years we have grown as a group as she impacts more and more people each year.  We can't wait for Anna's "Party Day" as she calls it and hope everyone will come to join us!

Team Goal

Team Registrants
John Bankson
Josie Hartman
Jan Blase
Krista Barnhouse
Madison Tewes
Lauryn Van Regenmorter
Brody Sexton
Ellie Volke
Jenna Luebbe
Gage Goddard
Christa Mittan
Kim Marxhausen
Hannah Reed
Christina Onnen
Garrett Freeman
Alissa Bankson
Eric Gonzalez
Jack Barnhouse
Sarah Sexton
Gary Bredensteiner
Drew Mittan
Micah Mueller
Jenna Karlin
Ella Prochnoww
Cassie McMahan
Becky Freeman
Jen Goddard
Gretchen Mittan
Greg Mittan
Ava Bankson
Eternity Higgins
Logan Bankson
Cole Goddard
Taylor Barrett
Curt Nierman
3 Extra
Joey Freeman
Julie Reed
Eliana Bankson
Emely Troy
Dylan Zwilling
Ziems Becca
Diane Haack
Hayden Marr
Donna Bankson
Paula Zwilling
Avery Holle
Nicky Smith
Thomas Mueller
Hannah Wertz
Tom Mueller
Haleigh Fitzsimmons
Courtney Onnen
Hattie Bennett
Tiffany McMahan
Linda Barrett
Grant Haack
Greg Wright
Meghan Mueller
Ranelle Rundquist
Mason Govier
Brent Sexton
Caleb Zwilling
Chara Sype
Carson Govier
Carly Barrett
Aydenn Freeman
Alice Bankson
Zoe Sexton
Todd Reed
Blake Mueller
Mallory Govier
Kristen Marr
Natalie Barrett
Sophia Fahleson
Rick Onnen
Alyssa Barnhouse
Ava Stroud
Brad Zwilling
Linda Barrett
Eleanor McMahan
Madison Mallum
Brad Bankson
Braxton Govier
Morgan Mallum
Sarah Wright
5 Extra
Bell Glenn
Brad Freeman
David Bankson
Anna Barrett
Barrett Tina
Olivia Bankson
Natalie Gonzalez
Christine Bankson
Anthony Barrett
Mindy Ohnoutka
Brian Rundquist
Ryan Haack
Olivia Wright
Becky Rongisch
Nathan Zwilling
Grace Fahleson
Aaron Barnhouse
Gavin Olson
Janice Garner
Rachel Saunders
4 Extra
Kolby Haase
Adelyn Wright
Taylor Streich
Logan Eschliman
2 Extra
Machaela Freeman
Daniel McMahan
Addy Blahauvietz
Logan Govier
Sarah Reed
1 Extra
Scarlett McMahan
Becky Hovier
Harper Davis
Trinity Blase
Shay Hayek
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