Down Syndrome Association for Families
2017 Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk

October 7, 2017
Festivities start at 8:00 am
Walk starts at 9:30 am

Antelope Park (Near 30th & A St.)
Lincoln, Nebraska


Andy's Argonauts - Captain: Kathryn Brockmeier


The DSAF of NE appreciates your support and donations!  Thank you!


We bet you're wondering what an argonaut is! An argonaut is an adventurer engaged in a quest. Andy amazes us every day and we are happy to be on this adventure with him. We seek to support him and the Down Syndrome Association for Families of Nebraska in their quest to raise awareness about Down syndrome.

Please join Andy in person or virtually, to celebrate Andy and to support DSAF. DSAF has been a haven of acceptance and encouragement for Andy in his development and wellbeing and a source of information and support for our family. Please also consider a donation to the organization in recognition of the work DSAF does to welcome new families, educate the community, and provide networking opportunities.

Thank you,

Andy, Kathryn, Greg, Simon, and Benjamin

Team Donors
Amy Reger
Rachel Small
Brent  Johnson
Scott and JoAnne Young
Deanna Turner
Jocelyn  Batenhorst
Mom and Dad
Rick & Chris Small
Jessica Blair
Joyful Hearts
Norma Wilke
Team Registrants
Olivia Cruise
Sara  Fredrickson
Jason Cruise
Deanna Turner
Ashley Rockey
Eloise Fredrickson
Rita Brinkman
Greg Brockmeier
Tammy Wiebe
Chris Small
Rebecca Gabriel
Rick Small
Norma Wilke
Kathryn Brockmeier
theresa comer
Owen Cruise
Simon Brockmeier
Jamie Cruise
Kris Thoms
Benjamin Brockmeier
My Goal

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